The Best Ways for Seniors to Ensure Healthy Aging

Image via Pexels

Getting older doesn’t have to mean declining health. This is the time in your life to get healthy. Healthy aging is something that many seniors don’t think about until they’ve been diagnosed with a life-changing condition, but the key to healthy aging is to start before there’s a problem. Even if there is a problem, you can work on your health to make sure that problem is managed well. Take care of your overall health right now by using technology to introduce these changes.

Find Your Fitness
Your mobility and strength might not be what it used to be, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get it back. Some older adults are now in the best shape of their lives because they want to reverse aging, retirement gave them time to focus on their health, or they’re following through on the athletic dreams of their younger years. Among the many benefits for seniors, exercise can help with heart health, metabolism for weight control and bone health for osteoporosis prevention.

If you used to be in great shape, it’s time to get moving again. If you were never in good shape, now is the time to start. Take baby steps by picking a fun and safe exercise program to start. Senior-specific programs might be up your alley, as they provide workouts that keep seniors’ needs in mind. Safe, low-impact options for older adults include Zumba, yoga, swimming and walking. The best part is that you can exercise in groups to socialize while getting fit. As always, get your doctor’s approval before starting any exercise program.

How to make technology work for you: Wear a fitness tracker to track your steps and remind you to move when you’ve been sedentary. It might not work for everyone, but if you set attainable goals, you could be more inclined to reach them when your watch nudges you. These trackers store stats, give awards, remind you of your own goals to beat and put you in competition with friends. It’s a fun game to play as you track your fitness and get your fitness on track.

You Are What You Eat
No, you are not a pig if you eat pork, but what you put into your body does define how your overall health will be. Everything you eat converts into energy to sustain your body’s functions and keep you alive. Make sure you’re eating the best foods for your body. The less processed, less preserved and more filling and fresh…the better. It’s not about the fat and carbs, as everyone’s needs and bodies are different. It’s about how clean the food is.

How to make technology work for you: It’s easier than ever for seniors to eat nutritiously at home, even if you’re homebound. Smartphones have grocery list apps that allow you to make and stick to healthy shopping lists. You can have groceries delivered to your home with a delivery app or use a meal delivery service, which will provide you with ingredients to make fresh, wholesome meals. If you don’t have the capacity to cook, some meal delivery services send ready-made, healthy options right to your door. Just store those meals in your fridge and heat them up when you’re ready to eat.

Brain Power and Socialization
Just because you’re no longer working, it doesn’t mean that you should let your brain rest. Keep recharging your brain by challenging it and motivating it to think in new ways with hobbies, puzzles and games. A sharp brain means better memory and focus. Invite some friends over to play cards or puzzles so you can exercise your mental faculties while getting in much-needed social time.

How to make technology work for you: Online games exist for just about every game out there. You can download apps on your phone or find games on the computer. To make it social, you can even play against your friends.

Your golden years should be the best time of your life. It’s an ideal time to get your mental and physical health into a good place to keep you thriving longer. You only live once, so take care of your body while you still can.